i’m sad so i’m going to eat a honey cruller and hopefully not be sad after that


Dead Kennedys

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a baguette in the butt would be a pain in the ass

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Title: You Can't Put Your Arms around a Memory Artist: Johnny Thunders 2,403 plays


Johnny Thunders · You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory

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Title: Planet Rock Artist: Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force 5,105 plays



(240): Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force

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i’ve been listening to dead milkmen albums for hours and they’re all so good why is this band so underrated why don’t the nasally vocals irritate me at all???


send hELP

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10 weird tricks that will cause the abyss to gaze back!

Tom Hardy photographed by Greg Williams 

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i love my mom she’s one of my problematic favs

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Title: Dean's Dream Artist: Joe Jack Talcum 20 plays

Joe Jack Talcum - Dean’s Dream

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im cute today 🌸


i’m cringing at that cm punk interview god he’s such an insufferable prick why do i still love him so much

rybackdoorsluts9 replied to your post:FEAR
rood there one of my all time faves

give me album recs and i’ll give them another chance!