Help Megan and Kiki Have A Home

I really hate to have to do this but I’m in a difficult situation right now and am at my wits end. My current partner and I have split up and I have to move out of our place by Oct.1st. This was unplanned and sudden so I have very little savings right now due to not working for almost a month total from a broken toe and then mandatory unpaid time off. I am also diagnosed with panic disorder and general anxiety so this has been a very difficult time for me. Thankfully my cat Kiki is a major part in my therapy and recovery.

The good news is, I found a rad safe space to move into that allows cats. The bad news is, I have to continue paying rent at my current place. This is double rent + pet + damage deposit by Oct.1st. Which I calculated to $1,533. Which is not an easy feat to accomplish considering I make minimum wage. I’m trying all possibilities like borrowing money and selling my belongings but I don’t even have much stuff, not even a bed to sleep on when I move. I’m not close to my family so help from them is not an option.

I have created a gofundme account with a goal for $500. I know it’s a small fraction of what I need but anything helps right now. I also know my friends are just as broke as I am. But any little bit helps. And to show my appreciation I have it set up so different donators can receive gifts from me like prints of my artwork or even their own original piece!

TL;DR: I have to be out of my place by Oct.1st but need $1,533 for rent and deposits. This doesn’t include the money I need to buy a bed or other furniture. Anything helps and in return for your donations I’ll give you lovely bits of my artwork.

link to donate

here is an example of my artwork!


megan is a really wonderful, generous person and is in need of some help right now. i know times are tight across the board but if you can spare a few bucks send it her way in exchange for some of her beautiful artwork! and if you can’t donate plz reblog!




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kickdoutofthehood asked: Predictions on tonight's PPV? I'm saying Cena to take the title Rollins to cash in

I don’t even have predictions I’ve been so busy and haven’t kept up with rasslin. I hope Brock retains and murders John Cena on live tv

it’s my own fault for thinking i could do 60 hour work/school weeks with no days off and still have a social life but damn i am lonely

excited for my wrestlefriends to come over for the ppv tonight because i have been feeling so isolated lately

I urge you to please notice when you are happy.

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ok so i accidentally just fucking soaked my whole shirt trying to wash the pizza stains off in the bathroom at work. not sure how to proceed

i didn’t realize till after i left for work that my vader shirt is covered in pizza stains from saturday night omfg

making fun of hippies is fun and easy and i’m never gonna stop and i don’t care how many hippie feelings i hurt along the way they can go drum circle about it


American anti-capitalist poster, 1938.

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my future wife is so beautiful

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nuclearoverreactor asked: I just saw your selfie and your glasses are the fucking cutest you look so good.

aww thanks boo 😘😘😘