pleadingthefilth asked: I feel PERSONALLY ATTACKED by that Crispin Glover comment my GOD RACHEL


Follow him.

69kittykate69 are u seeing this

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not a phase

crispin glover has not aged well

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Steal Her Look: Dancing Emoji

Marchesa silk gazar gown ($6,950)

Casadei pumps ($1,300)

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gonna put a tw for rape at the beginning of this too in case anyone is on mobile and this isn’t behind a cut. anyway someone i know posted the following bullshit on facebook tonight:

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tonight i was in the walmart lineup for 45 minutes


why does vader wear the mask? because he’s a 5th century samurai warrior you ignorant fuck 

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brie bella’s new theme is so great it sounds like a britney spears comeback track i love it


android commercial: *proves that they’re better than iphones in every way possible*

me: …and?

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magisterbooty asked: Damn girl, can I see more pictures of that window air conditioner?


ugh, not another AC fetishist 

this is NOT a big beautiful window unit blog!!



What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way like I’m horny for Halloween but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin you feel

do u mean excited

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either nobody in my program gets my humour or i’m an unfunny nerd who has been hanging out with other unfunny nerds this whole time

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sex pistols are such a shit band tho but I get the sentiment :)

it just seemed fitting. i bet you’d prefer if i blasted royalty by the exploited! in any case i just sat there and listened and said “fuck the royal family” to the person next to me who replied “um my grandparents are british”

today for some reason we spent an entire class talking about the royal family and it was so difficult to suppress my punk rock instincts to blast the sex pistols and flip everybody off

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